Is It Possible To Turn This Type A Into A Type B... and Do I Even Want To?

Say What?

It feels good to have a sense of control. If you can truly control things, there are no surprises. Sure, that would be boring so how about some planned surprises? I promise, there is such a thing! A surprise birthday party, a surprise trip, a surprise bouquet of flowers for no reason. Good surprises, all.

Clearly that is not how life works. Life throws curveballs – illnesses, accidents, and job loss. It even throws good curveballs – twins! Better to be flexible than rigid then. Better to be adaptable – go with the flow, take things as they come.

But what if that is not in your nature? What if by nature and nurture you are more Type A than Type B? Is it possible to change? I don’t know! But that’s what I’m setting out to explore over the next year. Can this sometimes Type B, but often Type A person completely act as a Type B? And do I even want to?

Each month I’ll examine a different area of control and letting go and all of the guaranteed to be hilarious/embarrassing results will be posted on this blog for all to point at and laugh. Okay, hopefully just laugh, but after all… I can’t control your reaction…, right?