Is It Possible To Turn This Type A Into A Type B... and Do I Even Want To?

I Planned My Not Planning… True Confessions of a Type A-ish

I Planned My Not Planning… True Confessions of a Type A-ish

October is The Month of Planning or more accurately The Month of Un-Planning. I’ve got a confession. When I first mapped out the year, September was The Month of Un-Planning. But then I realized that all 3 of my kids’ birthday parties would fall in September and I just could not give up the ability to plan last month.

Here’s what me not planning their parties would have looked like:

  1. Send out an email unusually close to the date.
  2. Pick up HEB cupcakes instead of making them myself.
  3. Order pizza from Domino’s as soon as the guests started arriving.

And guess what? My kids are social people, so odds are loads of friends would still have come. Also, 6 – and even 11 – year olds don’t appreciate the difference between a cupcake from scratch and those that wouldn’t decompose even if you left them out until their Sweet 16. Plus, people who have to wait a long time for their pizza to be served think it tastes even better because they’re just so damn hungry that even the box would taste like Heaven. (Hmmm… future strategy for when I try to serve meatloaf maybe?)

In other words, things would have been fine. Good even.

And yet – I am a planner. So guess what I did? I planned my not planning for another month. Ridiculous or super genius? You be the judge. On second thought – you don’t be the judge. You might choose ridiculous.

I’ve done a little reading and it turns out that the antidote to Type A planning is not to just not plan anything. Whew! This is good news because I’m leaving on a jet plane 3 times this month (and because I plan, I know when I’m coming back a-gain. Did you like what I did there?). I can’t afford to not book a flight, pack a bag, etc.

I’ll share some of my learning as the month goes on. And, as usual, you’ll get to benefit from some of my guaranteed-to-fail attempts to try this stuff out. It occurs to me that you owe me big time for this service. I am your personal pre-failer. In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on the happiness that did happen because of my planning. Okay, okay, I know. They would have been happy anyway. I’ve got it.

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