Is It Possible To Turn This Type A Into A Type B... and Do I Even Want To?

Ambush Help Tactic

Ambush Help Tactic
* Random picture, right? While searching for “ambush” and “attack” pics on Pixabay, this popped up. I thought it was too weird not to use. It reminds me of those old Olan Mills photos. I know, odd sense of humor…


I’ve figured out a sure fire way to get yourself help when you need it. You sneak up on your unsuspecting victims and then thrust projects in their laps!

Usually it works best if you wait until they’re settled in chairs or on couches so that it’s harder for them to get away. A glass of wine or cup of hot coffee makes it even trickier for them to bolt.

This is an especially good strategy for those of us that don’t like to ask for help because a) you only sort of ask – and it’s done at the same time as you’re actually dropping work in your friend’s lap and b) you sit there and do the work with them while gossiping, so you don’t end up feeling quite as guilty for putting something on someone’s plate. Also, the work goes incredibly quickly now that it’s been “shared” with others!

Here were my two good-natured victims. I did wait until both of them had hot drinks and were settled in cushy chairs, but knowing these two they would have been happy to help me anyway. They also even suggested that I do this to them more often because as we non-ask-for-help-ers know – people actually love to help! I love to help! I’m just still working on loving to ask for help…

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