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Part 3: Am I Gracious Enough? WikiHow To Ask For Help

Part 3: Am I Gracious Enough? WikiHow To Ask For Help

Whew! I’ve reached the final part of WikiHow’s How To Ask For Help 12-step program. Part 3 is all about Taking Help Graciously.


Step 1: Thank Your Helper. Check! When my mom said she would have my dad make the fruit salad I definitely said a big thank you! I also thanked both my parents several times on the morning of the party when the berries showed up in a beautiful Waterford crystal bowl – Overachievers! (Just kidding, it was actually extra special and awesome.)

WikiHow goes on to say that “One of the best ways to show you appreciate someone’s advice is to help them in return.” Got that one covered too – while they are out of town on vacation, we helped ourselves to their car since Scott’s was giving him some trouble. And, because were were already at their place picking up the car, we helped ourselves to their Wi-Fi too. All good, what’s next?



(Not sure why WikiHow wants me to say Thank You with my eyes closed, making Donald Trump lips, but I’m here to play by the rules…)


Step 2: Internalize Your Helper’s Advice. WikiHow suggests that after “your helper has taught you how to work through your problem, take steps to ensure you remember what they taught you. Make a mnemonic to remember their advice if it can be divided into a few steps.” Bonus! I love random English class assignments!!


Too Busy?

Tell your Husband to Do It!

*This was the actual advice I internalized. More on that here.



Step 3: Try To Solve Your Problem Yourself. WikiHow says that it’s time to put my new knowledge to the test. I love this one! It looks like by doing deep meditation, or else a stomach crunch, I can will my next fruit salad into existence.



Despite almost giving myself a hemorrhoid (TMI, I know) with the amount of concentration I was throwing at it, a new fruit salad did not materialize. I decided to move onto the next way to solve my problem myself. How is this for effective?


Step 4: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help Again. The message here is actually a good one. As WikiHow aims to teach, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. So, if you listened carefully to your helper’s advice, tried to follow what he/she said, and still run into a dead end, it’s okay to ask for help again. Ask the same person! Ask a friend! Ask your neighbor! Just, for Pete’s sake, ask! It’s too much for one person to try to take on the world.

I also love WikiHow’s variation on the it’s not you, it’s me argument – “If you did your best to replicate your helper’s instructions, this might not even be your fault – your helper might just be a bad teacher.” Now, there’s an idea I can get behind! Kidding. Only kidding. I know how to accept personal responsibility… sometimes…


I know you’re sad that our 3 part WikiHow series has come to an end, but you shouldn’t be. My next post will be on the Ambush Help Tactic. My kids like it when I call it that because “it sounds like a ninja thing!” They currently fancy themselves a team of ninjas. Short, ineffective fighting, opposite-of-stealthy ninjas, but ninjas nonetheless.

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