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wikiLame – What Happens When You WikiHow to Ask for Help

wikiLame – What Happens When You WikiHow to Ask for Help

I Google pretty much just about everything I’m thinking of for this blog. Had to face my fears? Googled it. Alternative ways to relax? Googled it. How to ask for help/let others help you? Googled it. Which is how I came across WikiHow to Ask for Help. It’s the 12 step program for those in need of help – or, rather, those in need of admitting they need help. Erm… me, maybe?

No offense, WikiHow People, but it’s a pretty sad page. I mean, look at those graphics! Pretty much everyone looks miserable. Or constipated. Or both. Is that what you’re supposed to feel like asking for help? Even the woman in the “Taking Help Graciously” graphic looks like she’s sucked on a lemon.

Still. Full steam ahead.

Part 1: Accepting You Need Help

  1. Tell Yourself That You Need Help  – Self, you need help. Check!

2. Figure Out Exactly What You Need Help With – in my case, this month is Kid Birthday Palooza. I needed a fruit salad to show up at my house at 10:30 am this Saturday.

3. Look For Someone That Can Help – the obvious person(s) were my mom and dad. They’re coming to the party anyway and they’re always happy to help. Plus, I’m their kid – what are they going to say, no? I felt a little bad, though, because both of them would be out of town with my dad getting back the soonest – the morning before the party.

I particularly loved WikiHow’s advice on person selection: Don’t ask a jerk for help unless s/he is your only option. You don’t want to bother with someone who will make you feel stupid for asking. Thankfully my parents aren’t jerks. I figured I was in the clear.

You may notice that my selfie doesn’t even come close to WikiHow’s fine graphic. A) I will soon be Googling How to take better selfies, followed by How to grow your arms longer and B) Holy Jesus – I kid you not – this was the best out of 14 tries. You could get my knee, or my hand, or my face, but no more than two of those at a time. So, there you go. That’s me looking for someone that can help.

     4. Maintain A Positive Self Image – asking for help is tough stuff. For me, it was the concern of adding to my parents’ already full plates. According to WikiHow, me asking (aka seeking help when I needed it) is a sign of strength, not of weakness. Go me!

Seriously. Is that the image of a person maintaining a positive self image, or what? I’m killing it.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Reaching Out for Help, to be followed by the gripping conclusion – Part 3 – Accepting Help Graciously. Will I get the fruit salad for Saturday, or will all my hopes be dashed…?


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