Is It Possible To Turn This Type A Into A Type B... and Do I Even Want To?

Friends & Family – Are You Distracted By The Wise T-Shirt?

Friends & Family – Are You Distracted By The Wise T-Shirt?

So, Type A’s are notoriously bad at asking for help. Why ask for help when we can do it better and faster ourselves? Okay, maybe not always better, but it almost feels harder to explain what we need than to just do it ourselves. Which is why we overload ourselves. And, don’t have time to rest.

That’s why, during September, I am going to FORCE myself to (ack!) ask for help. Often – as in daily. Bonus points for multiple times a day. I’ll ask for help with big things and little. Which means, if you are my friend or family member, you are probably making a mental note right now to send my calls straight to voice mail or to funnel my emails into your junk folder for the month.

So, I will now distract you from your dread by showing you this awesome shirt my mom and I found at Nordstrom. I think it totally sums up a key lesson that I’ve learned through this Type A vs. Type B experiment. There is no failure. It’s all just learning, man. (Didn’t that even read as Type B? Fake it ’til you make it!)

See you a couple of days into September – The Month of Asking for Help – to let you know how it’s going. Lest you think I picked a lightweight month, think again. All 3 of my kids have birthday parties this month. Hey, Mom… Friends…?

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