Is It Possible To Turn This Type A Into A Type B... and Do I Even Want To?

Blowing This Sh*t Up!

Blowing This Sh*t Up!

Hi All,

Well, I’m going rogue again. August was supposed to be the month of asking for help because – well, you know, Type As are notoriously horrible at that.

But then something happened – and it turned our household on end. And then, to cope, I noticed myself doing some seriously Type A behaviors. So now that’s what we’re talking about for August – how do Type As handle major life changes? And, is that okay – or should they try to soften their Type A tendencies during such times?

At some point I’ll get around to changing up the “Year At A Glance” calendar to reflect July’s change to “Type A & Parenting” and now August’s “Type A & When the Sh*t Hits the Fan” (I’ll probably also give it a more socially appropriate title!).

I know… the suspense is killing you… Let me preface it by saying I know how lucky we are – all of our kids are healthy, we have a roof over our heads, food on our table, healthy and happy extended family, etc. But, 2 1/2 weeks ago, along with 34 other people, Scott’s job was cut due to downsizing. And, as you may or may not know, we were previously a 1 income family. So, in case you are horrible at math, we are now a 0 income family.

Again, thankfully, I married a guy who has shut himself in the bedroom and worked on finding a job from 9-6 every day, except for when he is going to networking events and meeting with a resume advisor. He’s working hard at finding work.

But still.

It’s stressful. And strange, because every day now feels like a Saturday since he is at home. And we don’t know when it will end. Uncertainty is hard for most people, but maybe extra hard for Type As?

Which brings me to those Type A tendencies that have kicked it into high gear since he lost his job. Here’s what Scott did when he got the news – “I would like to have 48 hours where I just don’t even think about it and then I’ll hit it hard.” Here’s what I did in the first 24 hours: cleaned like Mr. Clean himself just called and said he was coming to dinner and wanted to eat off of my floor.

Exhibit A: My garage actually has a floor?!? Who knew?!?








Exhibit B: My freezer is cleaned out and organized by fruit/veggies, bread, meat, and desserts. Weirdo much?








Exhibit C: My nightstand is now organized. And guess what I found? Some seriously good Easter candy that I apparently hid from the rest of my family.

So, that’s what we’ll talk about in August… How do you handle it if someone in your family gets seriously ill? Loses a job? Has a bad accident? Super fun topic, right? Yeah, I know. Not so much – but important all the same. How do we keep ourselves sane when everything around us seems totally the opposite of that?

More later… I’m off to scrub the grout in the kitchen. KIDDING. But just barely.

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  • If anyone can hold it together, it is you and Scott. You guys are a great team and you sail the waves of life together with dignity and respect for each situation. May this wave be small and the weather be in your favor!

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